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Teachers & Master Teachers - Lebanon and abroad


LEARN new Grooves and Moves of Oriental Dancing

SCOOP from this authentic research lab, feeding itself from one of its original source LEBANON !




Sami Khoury


An Expert Master teacher . skilled in folklore, oriental and modern dance.
Started his dance career and choreography at age of 11. Joined Caracalla dance troupe for years.
Sami is the Choreographer of SABAH .. The MUSICAL at Beiteddine Festival 2011, and have participated as a choreographer in many other MUSICALS at the famous RAHBANI theatre and others .
He is renowned for his simplicity, versatility in dance and his Dabkeh style is deeply rooted in Lebanon?s tradition ;
Dancer, choreographer, founder of the ?Hayakel? Dance Company.
Workshop theme: 1.Oriental dance choreography Master your feeling through your body expression
2. Dabkeh dance Baalbeck style ( traditional Lebanese dance)




Francois Rahme


A Master dancer-choreography .. Started his dance career at a young age, and became in few years to be a soloist and a leading dancer at Caracalla dance troupe for over than 20 years.
The Choreographer of DAYS OF SALADIN at BAALBECK Festival 2011 and the  upcoming Lebanese dance sequence in Baalbeck for the year 2014 and GEBRAN KHALILE GEBRAN MUSICAL at Casino du Liban .  He is renown for his large aspect dance form.
Skilled in Lebanese folklore, oriental dance, Modern dance Martha Graham style and Ballet dance 
Workshop theme: 1. Andalusia Oriental dance choreography
2. Bedouin dance choreography




Eman Zaki


Who is better qualified than Eman Zaki to teach you the old cinema dance secrets and details ???
She was born in an artistic family, her mother Samira Zad is one of the Golden Era Dancers in Cairo from 1946-1955 and appeared in many films of that era!
Due to her believes that preserving dance heritage is a must, Samira Zaki , Eman’s mother taught her knowledge and techniques to her daughter Eman, who started her dance career the year 1977.
She performed in Syria, Jordan, Emirates, USA, Lebanon, Cairo, Tunisia and Germany... Eman stopped dancing in 1989. Faithful to her mother’s passion and will of preserving and spreading out the authentic dance techniques, especially after the chaotic state of oriental dance merging the good and the bad, Eman started teaching dance in 2008, in Cairo

Workshop theme: EMAN ZAKI reveals the Secrets of Golden Era Age Dances and Techniques !




Maria Aya



Leader and choreographer of Malema's Banat group, Maria Aya is a renowned teacher in Oriental Classical and Egyptian Folkloric dance.
Renowned for her authentic Egyptian dance soul and flavor in all her Oriental and folkloric styles, with her choreographies you travel trough all cities of Egypt . Her style as teacher and choreographer is earthy, traditional, theatrical and same time connected with the 21st Century and the West.
She is continuously invited to teach and to share her knowledge in many countries like Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, Malta, Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, etc
Maria is a Professional International Competition Judge.
Workshop theme: 1.Awalem Shaaby dance choreography . Learn the manners of an Egyptian baladi woman in dance ( for more  click read more)

2. Ghawazi Dance ( Egyptian Folklore)




Nada Chouaib


NADA CHOUAIB Lebanon / Andalusia

Born in Beirut from a Syrian mother and a Lebanese father
Skilled in oriental dance under the supervising of the best Lebanese, Egyptian, Italian and French master teachers.
She supported her skills with traditional , modern dances and holistic disciplines
She toured European countries for dancing and teaching as well as Lebanon and Morocco
Founded her first dance Company in Paris the year 1998 where she organized her Oriental Dance Festival "Nouvelle Sc?e Europ?nne" (2008 and 2009)
Founded her Dance association  Tarab Al-Andalus the year 2010 in Andalusia. Owns and directs her own dance school at Tarab Al-Andalus Center
Workshop theme: Oriental Dance Choreograohy ( Tarab style)




Maya Gaorry


MAYA GAORRY : Brazil / Italy

A renowned bellydancer by all oriental dance communities, choreographer and master teacher of middle-eastern dance, she has a degree in psychology. Maya has enchanted audiences and students around the world with her elegant dance interpretation and soul dwelled in the real Egyptian classical oriental world. Renowned for her authentic techniques in oriental and folk dance, she has been running workshops in many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North, South America and Middle East. Maya Gaorry is a master teacher at best festival in the world as Amani Oriental Festival in Lebanon and Lelah Masriya Festival in Egypt. Nowadays, moving between Brazil and Italy, Maya teaches Intensive courses in both countries also gives Teacher Training Course credited by UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti) in Trieste. Maya was invited to Portugal and Moldova
Workshop theme:
1.Baladi Oriental Dance Choreography ( Egyptian classical baladi , see video click for more )
2. Hajjala dance ( Egyptian Folklore)



Perla Elias Nemer


PERLA ELIAS NEMER : Mexico/Lebanon
Latino Arab dancer, choreographer and teacher. Founder of two companies: "Amirat" and "Al Kenz Ballet". She danced in Italian and Moroccan TV and theatres like Institut du Monde Arabe (France), Biblioteca of Alexandria (Egypt), World Economic Forum (Switzerland), Teatro Greco (Italy) with the legendary Reda Troupe, and many other countries like Spain, Romany and Germany. Skilled in Egyptian, Moroccan and Lebanese folklore and sharqi.
Workshop theme: 1. Saiidi Dance Choreography with cand
A " Mise en Scene " (mejance) Oriental dance choreography and technique




Osama Mimi


BoIt is in the Genes !! I was born in an artistic family, my father was an Egyptian folkloric dance and I grow up following the same path as my him, Osama said.
He was affiliated to Reda Group for 4 years and later he moved to El Quawmiyak Group , to learn both most famous dance groups styles in Egyptian Folklore.
He performed in many places in Egypt, like Sharm el Shek, Hurgada, Cairo, etc
The years 2003 and 2004 he won ? The best Male Folklore dancer? at the international folklore festival in Istanbul
The year 2011, he moved to Prague.  He is teaching in Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Italy. Holland, Germany Turkey, Greece and Belarus. He teachers Oriental and Egyptian Folklore

Workshop theme: 1. Crazy Shaaby street dance choreography : Learn NOW the new future trend in Elektric Shaabi street dance !

2. Egyptian Folklore : Fallahi Dance Choreography



Assala Ibrahim


Born and grown up in Iraq. She is one of the most authentic, creative and innovative oriental dance teacher and performer, traveling all over the world sharing her knowledge and dance with dancers and dance teachers.
With an immense repertoire of dance styles, Assala pays particular attention to dance forms that are at risk of becoming lost like ZAR and El KAWLIYA dance. She has helped to preserve these dance forms by reintroducing them in her teachings and performances. In this she is a unique teacher, as well as a generous, supportive, kind, and encouraging presence for each individual dancer. Her recipe for success: I fill my life with dance and my dance with life.

Workshop theme: 1. El Kawliya (the gypsy of Iraq dance)
2. Belad al Sham Zar dance (trance dance)




Alessandra Forte




Originally from Seville ,  Alessandra is a pioneer Belly Dancer in Southern Brazil.
Graduated from the conservatorio profesional  de la danza  in Madrid . Qualified in Flamenco, classical and regional Bolera School Dances from Spain and  specialized in oriental dance and folklore of the Middle East.
Alessandra is a professional dancer and choreographer of belly dance with 29 years experience.
Owns the largest school specializing in oriental dance and Middle Eastern Folklore
She has worked in various countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Uruguay, Egypt and Lebanon.

Workshop theme: 1. Modern Oriental Dance Choreograph and technique
2. Fusion  Oriental-Flamenco dance choreography



Fatima Serin



Teacher, performer and choreographer. Started dancing at an early age as a member of several Turkish folklore dance groups.
Lives in Germany, she is one of the stars within the European dance community.
Her dancing style drawing from the versatile influences she's had. Apart from her experience in Turkish dances, she also has a profound education in the different Egyptian styles
She is founder and organizer of "Merhaba Dance Festival" in Germany

Workshop theme:  Turkish Gypsy Dance (Roman Dancein 9/8 rhytm). Authentically taught by one of a specialities Turkish bellydancer .
You will learn the typical hand and hip movements and several step combinations and musical information on the Roman Havasi.



Teresa Tomas



 A vocational dancer, discovered oriental dance in 2003 and since then she has been continuously developing her technique.
Her dance style is vibrant, accurate and creative. In particular, her Drum Solos have earned her great success in the multiple competitions that she has won.
Teresa gives belly dance workshops around Spain Italy and Morocco, where she is yearly invited. In Cairo she took part of the dance teachers panel in Lelah Masriya Festival since 2011
Organizer and founder of the International Bellydance Festival, called “Ya Amar”, in Valencia. Teresa founded her dance company for Oriental Dance “RAKS EL HOB”

Workshop theme: “Enta Omri” of Oum Kalthoum :
What every bellydancer must know.
A bit of history, technique, combinations, choreography and interpretation.




Simon Sarkis



Simon born and raised in northern Lebanon with a natural flair for oriental culture, rhythms and movement, He found himself drawn closer to the dance..
He has had the privilege to study with living legends such as Amani of Lebanon, Yousry Sharif, and his Inspiring Dance Teachers Francois Rahme and Sami khoury
His style of Oriental dance is described as elegant and free. His style of Lebanese Folk Dabkeh is rooted in the Lebanese tradition. Lead choreographer and manager at the dance troupe (Al Awtar Zaffa) that he founded 2 years ago in the USA

Workshop theme: Oriental Dance Choreography







LANA: Ukraine/Lebanon/Japan

Graduated from Kiev National University of Culture and Arts.
Lana was Ukraine National team player in Ice Skating Dance.
This art form gave her the ability and techniques to fill the dance stage space in a simple choreography.
Born from a Lebanese father and an Ukrainian mother , Lana falls in love with oriental dance since her first visit to Lebanon at a young age and started learning this art form. She performed in Lebanon, Egypt , Turkey and Japan where she met her husband and moved living in there.
Founded the bellydance studio in Japan the year 2007 that became a big successful school .
Winner for many oriental dance awards like
:Lana is a Conseil International De La Dance UNESCO (Paris&Tokyo) official Member.

Workshop theme: Technical dance steps  in an oriental dance choreography for using the stage space  .



Annie Nganou


ANNIE NGANOU: Belgium/Cameroon

Doctor in Medicine , Annie is a Faculty of Medicine Bichat?s laureate in Paris. Dancer- teacher ?choreographer and dance therapist .
Founder of the Daamu Association for dance therapy that promotes therapy in dancing and conducts after cancer therapy researches with the coordination of several French medical institutions
Working in General Medicine with a holistic approach in Brussels and Paris since 2008, while leads in parallel a new therapy based on her doctoral thesis that focused on the psychic trauma through a combination of Oriental dance and an African interpretation.

Workshop theme: Dance therapy for dance teacher: So often, dance teachers are confronted with students who have special needs in dancing to overcome difficult life situations like after cancer, any kind of violence, mental or physical trauma, chronically illness, suffering, addictions ..etc.




Ibrahim Kiwan


Working as a communication Arts teacher at the Lebanese European University. A performer since age of 18.
He received a Masters Degree in Theatre Studies from the Lebanese University in Lebanon. Skilled in Ballet, modern and jazz dance and Folklore
Dancer in Amani?s group since 1993
A dance teacher and choreograoher with 20 years experience
Workshop theme: Technical steps in theatrical oriental dance in an oriental dance choreography





  AMANI : Lebanon

Workshop theme:
1. Oriental Historical Snake dance style (1001 nights) choreography (bring your veil)
2. Tambourine oriental dance (class #2 on a song for Fairouz ) all levels 
3. Drum Solo : Hit the DRUM and the DRUMMER! A Hot solo tabla dance choreography



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