Amani is the leading star dancer from Lebanon; she established a new and inventive style that brought her to the legendary dance icon standard

As of the beginning of her career, Amani gained her reputation in 1992 as a different and far from the stream of regular dancers.
History and heritage were her main interest.

After she found gaps in this oriental dance form, she worked on developing and enriching oriental dance vocabulary . She was the first to upgraded this art form from small tiny places to theatre giving it new dimensions in a theatrical aspect, while preserving its authenticity and supported by her researches in the old books and manuscripts for the roots of her dance heritage until she found all the leads, two years later.

It would be quite impossible for any kind of dance to evolve without going back into its origin and historical development” Amani says.

Amani is a star guest at numerous popular entertainment shows, talk-shows and Special Events, on leading Arab TV stations, local and satellite alike.


In her spectacular shows Amani presented a wide variety of folkloric and historical dance scenes like the Lebanese Dabkeh dances, the Lebanese Bedouin and Oriental dance (in historical, modern and classic styles ) . Also Amani represented in a corporeal form many historical and recent routines in a portrayal of woman of today stories through beautiful dancing in an effort to introduce culture and education under the logo of oriental dancing, believing that Oriental dance form is an independent language and has its own characters . Amani toured the world for presenting her shows and also for master class teaching . 


Amani commands her own original musical or percussion compositions for her shows from leading Arab composers in Cairo or Beirut, her own CDs and DVDs are produced and distributed by leading distribution networks in the Middle East and World-wide.


Amani was the first to produce her dances in a video clip format. Her video-clips run on Arab TV stations. They cover a large spectrum of Egyptian peasant dances, Pharaonic Ritualistic dances, and of course her most famous Classical Oriental Dances, Baladi Oriental Dances and very modern percussion solos.

Still very anxious on preserving the Lebanese dance heritage and purifying oriental dance from all the blemishes that distorted its beautiful image, that urges her to invite dancers from all over the world aiming on teaching the various Lebanese folkloric and oriental dances’ basis on an academic basic at her Dance Workshop Festival titled Amani’s Oriental Festival, the year 2005.