Five Persons have had impact on my life

  By artist Samia Gamal    


Samia Gamal get recently married to the Rich American man Abdullad King. And before she traveled with him to the United states ... We asked her about the impact of this new step on her life .. . It is too early to talk about this issue Samia says, but I will talk about other personalities that have had a major impact on my life. They are five person, each occupies a prominent place in my heart.



1 - My mother: My mother was a virtuous loving person, she devoted her life to her children and was a good example of compassion and humanity, she has taught me , as any traditional mother, the whole accuracy of the old home economics and how the work three varieties of eggplant and patch socks and other acts of housekeeping .. She taught me how to respect olderpeople and how to treat younger people in a way to respect me. The benefits she gave me of which I reported... They were more valuable for me when I started my career and wanted to have my own space in the domain of fame..



2 - My sister: The second impact was of my sister, she helped me holding the burden of my life so I could focus on my dancing career alone, she was for me as a mother who supervised her daughter. She was taking care of my private housekeeping, preparing my food, washing my clothes and cleaning my bed and lot of other things. Without her I couldn’t have this warmth that helped me focusing on my own dancing.



3 - Om Mohammed: She is not a leader nor a teacher nor a writer but the woman of the neighborhood where I lived in the debut of my career, she was a modest woman, reserved and very traditional, but she loves oriental dancing as a great hobby.. she was so talented and was able to imitate all dancers even the most renown dancers of Muhammad Ali street. Om Ahmed was my first dance teacher, she has taught me my first dance steps and she followed me up till I became a great dancer.



4 - My friend "x": She was one of my colleagues at the theater. We debuted the dancing review together as beginners. She was a very good and honest friend, she was reacting for my interests as if they were her personal interests. She was always beside me if I have pain or hurt of ill-treatment that junior dancers were receiving... I cannot mention her name. She had retired dancing and married to a well renowned man. She is living happy with her husband and her two children.



5 -Badia Massabni: One of the main persons who have had impact on my life: Badia Massabni , it is due to her and for her return the largest credit to the development and prosperity of the spectacular dance scene in Egypt.. Badia was a strong, pioneer and powerful woman, she respects the art of dancing greatly .I have learned lot things from her as of self-confidence and pride , the dignity and respect for the oriental dancing as an art and not as a means to raise instincts as understood by some colleagues.