Sport And Diet For Dancers 


Dancer, athlete or not! Sport became the way for a carved figure, to be well in your body and to have a self-confidence.


The virtues of the sport exceed aesthetic framework to the prevention against many diseases. It preserves health, shape and flexibility. But Get to know how to proceed for a best result!


Are you looking only for a body shape? 


Maintain a healthy and a safe life is the goal of the majority of people on globe. At the time, the contemporary life style obliges a long stead vis-à-vis to a screen or behind a wheel without any physical activity by choice or by life style requirements as it was in the time of our ancestors, which involves an accumulation of waste that will be at the origin of various diseases and sometimes far from appearing as been having the primary cause of it.  While as for body shape, muscular inertia is always at the base of the cellulite appearance and the reason to an overweight


Moreover, the food provided for the needs of the consumer is either low in nutritive elements due to a long conservation (freezer, refrigerator) and far from freshness (being accommodated the very same day), or rich in chemical (agriculture, artificial substances), in addition to the pollution, is a primary cause for the disease.


Please note that the body eliminates its waste through: the saddles, the urine, the exhale and sweat


What are the virtues of physical activity? 


Physical activity stimulate the generation of the new body cells including brain cells which gives the ability to learn and to adapt to changing environmental conditions

Helps to the blood pressure’s control in over weight

Reduces the age related gain weight and prevents weight gaining than promoting weight loss. For so, increasing amounts of physical activity may be necessary to effectively maintain a constant bodyweight with increasing age.

Prevents bones in lean subjects as well as for the cardiovascular risk

Flushes out toxins and impurities


How to burn greases in-depth


Sports are divided into two main groups: those of endurance and those known as of force.

- The first is of a moderated intensity, but put the body into a trial during one prolonged period. Some examples: the dance, walk, the jogging, the bicycle, the ski touring, swimming...

- The sports "of force" are of a strong intensity and have like main goal the development of the muscular mass. Examples: Musculation, boxing...


In addition to the intensity and the types of activities, these two categories of sport are different in an important characteristic: the Source of Energy


The body primarily appeals to two types of fuel: the glucids (sugars) and the lipids (greases). After having burned stocks immediately available for the muscles ( creatin), it is the glycogen (form of storage of glucids) of the muscle, which takes over. Then only the turn comes for the lipids.


The intense exercises - "of force" - burn especially glucids, since they immediately have them at disposal. While a moderate and prolonged effort will mobilize primarily the reserves of lipids.

You included/understood it: if you want to get rid of the superfluous fat, you have only to choose a work of endurance. The longer its duration will be, plus your body will draw from its lubricating reserves. Exhaustion of the stock of the glucids (30-40 minutes, without being with end of breath), makes the lipids pass from “complementary fuel “to "primary fuel".


How to increase the basal metabolism? 


What is the basal metabolism? It is the quantity of the heating energy of an individual spent at rest during 24 hours.


For visible results, a sport of endurance must be practiced every two days. This regularity will increase the basal metabolism. Remain to register in your diary three to four training sessions per week - and consider them as important as your courses of faculty or your professional meetings. As a matter of fact, nothing prevents you from supplementing this program of endurance with a muscular training, to obtain a silhouette of dream...!!

Oups!! What about cellulites??

Keep tuned for more info about: How to defeat Cellulites?




Several factors are at the base of the appearance of the cellulites among women.


-   The first factor readily are the sex hormones, the increase in the rate of estrogens comparing to that of progesterone would sustain the installation of the cellulites. The pill can be also a supporting element since it provides estrogens as an alternative of those secreted by the body.


-   Food: the excess of food or a food rich in glucid and lipid produces the favorable setting for the formation of     thecellulites if we do not get rid of them by  physical activities 


-    Life style: The cellulite strikes more readily women sitting on a chair, in an office, all day long who only walks from  home to car and back. The sitting position tends to block circulation in the legs and imply a muscular inertia which helps the development of the cellulites.


-    Mood: The sedentary women also have tendency to cellulites. The stress causes a inconsistent circulation and even, sometimes at some cases, a retention of water


-    Constipation



Cellulite process’ development. 


When the adiposity tissue (of skin structure) is gorged with fat, their size increases and :

- Blocks the circulation by supporting the venous insufficiency, attends among women

- Blocks the exchange of water, nutritional elements and waste between the cells.

Little by little, these cells will be surrounded by a kind of fibrous network which imprisons water and metabolic waste.

Result will be an augmentation of volume of the thighs and buttocks for so “Orange Skin”, the typical cellulites aspect will take place.


How to recognize the cellulites? Do I have cellulites?  


Cellulites appearance doesn’t have a basic rule. One can have large thighs and buttocks without cellulites and on the contrary Cuisses and buttocks of normal size or thin with cellulites can still exist. The 2 preceding cases are generally rather rare.

Cuisses and large buttocks with cellulites is the most frequent case




 The food 


There is difference between cellulites and excess of weight.

One can have cellulites without being large, but the excess of weight, too much fat and too much sugar, support the cellulites.

Thus choose a diet rich in whole cereals (which will support a good transit), fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, grilled steak and skimmed dairy product and slow sugar (pastes and rice).

For best result a minimum control and continuity is required


The physical activity 


 Regular physical activity is an excellent means of fighting against the cellulites by supporting the circulation and the oxygenation of the cells. Half an hour of walk, on a daily basic, at good rate/rhythm and 15minutes of abdo-glutei is a good program of maintenance. The small exercises from day to day develop your muscles



The anti-capitons creams and gel 


This will improve the aspect of the skin and local circulation but they will not dislodge old cellulites, neither make you look thinner. The formulas containing caffeine are today very at the point, even if the wonder product does not exist yet.



The massages 


Some appear effective because they decrease œdème (imprisoned stocked water) and the blocking exchanges, thought they do not make loosing weight. Regular sessions of lymphatic drainages and a continuous treatment over one sufficient duration (3 months at a rate of 2-3 sessions per week and a regular follow-up thereafter) can give excellent results on cellulites known as infiltrated (retention of water) and on pretty hardened cellulites (fibrous fabrics) , by improving circulation of the lymph.

You can test other technique known as “Endermology”, a small apparatus for very particular massage which has a double effect on one hand, it relieves the congestion of the cells of grease encapsulated by the fibrosis, and on the other hand it stimulates lymphatic and blood circulations which help the elimination of the toxins

But Endermologie does not aspire grease neither burn it, It puts it in a position to be easy eliminated by physical activity and a balanced food.



The liposuction 


It is the radical Technique to modify a silhouette for a long-lasting time, the liposculpture allows corrections of a large volume and especially quasi-final by removing lubricating cells localized in cluster on well defined zones of the body (for example riding breeches, belly, knees...).

An alternative technique of lipoaspiration was described like a lighter and progressive version (in several meetings) of treatment of the cellulites. It makes it possible to refine "à la carte" any upholstered zone and to be applicable without any risk on the skin, whatever it tonicity is. This technique calls "lipoponction".


II is obvious that one should not take ten kilos after liposculpture or lipoponction if she/he wants to always keep on the results. If the weight of the subject does not increase, the results are durable and stable during years, even final. For the "orange skin" it is generally wise to carry out complementary care. The lipoaspiration does not treat the orange skin.


Once again, it is a question of will ! 


To maximize the effects, one must established a life style program (physical exercises, adequate food and massages) and apply it on a daily basis during at least a month before obtaining results. And well on, one should worry about the cellulite lean state of his legs, his belly and his buttocks along the year, not only when spring falls!